Announcing the End of Quodcumque


13 December 2019

Apologies for taking so long to move material to the new blog and write anything new!

The time has come to end this, my second blog.

My new blog, Oikodomeo, is available now and I am just beginning to populate it with posts from here.

Why the change?

Mainly to reorganise the posts by category. Many readers ask me where things are or what a post is called to help them search. All posts on the new blog will be categorised I hope this will help.

I often found myself re-posting old material so that it appeared at the top of the page, that should not be necessary using categories. This will especially apply to seasonal material, poetry, liturgical materials.

I will edit and repost the vast majority of posts from here onto Oikodomeo, that will take time, please be patient. When that is done I will delete this blog, meanwhile it will remain.

The new name also indicates a clarity of purpose. When I launched Quodcumque it was, as the name indicates, to post ‘whatever’. However, over the three and more years of writing it is clear that almost all my posts relate to what I consider the “missional problem of our time”, how do we communicate the gospel? Particularly, because of my life’s experience in schools, to children and young people. That will continue to be the existential question behind Oikodomeo. I cannot imagine living my life without knowing Jesus, without my Christian faith, I want the church to grow because I want everyone to know Jesus and the deep joy of knowing him.

I hope that you will follow the new blog. As new posts appear they will mainly be posts from here; on Twitter and Facebook I will highlight genuinely new material.

The gospel makes no sense without communion, if we are not connected, consubstantial, with one another Jesus cannot save us. Blogs, digital media, are a wonderful reminder and builder of communion if used well. I cherish the communion this blog has brought with so many people around the world who I might never otherwise have met. Thank you for reading and visiting here, I am constantly amazed at the wide readership this blog has gained, which makes it most worthwhile. I hope to see you at Oikodomeo.

Quodcumque. Blessings on whatever and wherever our great God sends you.



  1. Thank you, Fr Richard. What a blessing your posts are, on topics that really engage me in fresh thinking about ministry and my own prayer life. Will I need to register with Oikodomeo or will the alerts and emails continue to come only automatically under another name?


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