Chalk: Epiphany Blessing for Church and Home

I love preaching on Epiphany. The tradition of blessing chalk is a beautiful one that unites what we do at church with a blessing for homes, the prayers suggested here are intended to reflect and teach Anglican tradition (the Grace, response to intercessions, Compline collect), to be relatively short and therefore usable at home even when there are mainly non-church goers present. The collect from Compline is given as a lovely blessing prayer for homes, one that many people use every day before they sleep. The Sermon will need to teach and encourage all this. Incense sticks may also be given out with the chalk, they are very much a part of our culture now and  link well with Epiphany. It is important that there is plenty of chalk and plenty of copies of the blessing cards, people should be encouraged to take several of each to share with the housebound or families not in church, and for each member of the household to have a copy of the card and be encouraged to keep it by the bedside for praying with.

These are just a few ideas of mine, there are lots of different ways of doing this blessing and a simple search of the internet will find many other, no doubt better, formats.

PDF of people’s card and church blessing:

Epiphany Chalk Blessing Church

Epiphany Blessing Cards


In Church:

Cards to be taken home:


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