Trans pupils: Resources for schools

I am increasingly being asked for material that is helpful for schools working with Trans pupils. It is important that schools are prepared to meet the needs of all children and do the work necessary in advance rather than just react to individual needs.

I would be grateful for any other examples of good practice and policy especially ones which emerge from Christian conviction.


The Church of England Document Valuing All God’s Children is a very good resource and recommends other resources and sets out the Christian imperative for inclusion.

Stonewall continue to do really excellent work.

Mermaids has very high quality resources available on its website.

GIRES Gender Identity Research and Education Society, is less well known than the other two groups but is an invaluable resource.


The Mermaids site hosts some example policies:


Here is Warwickshire’s.

And here is the model guidance from the NASUWT.

This Primary School website has good material on “Being a Trans Friendly School.”

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  1. From your last example:
    “Toilets – Children should be able to choose which one they use when they transition if toilets are gendered. (Unless disabled, trans children should not be directed to use a disabled toilet although can be given the option to do so.) It is usual for children who have transitioned to use the toilet of the gender they assign themselves to and the law protects this right.”


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