Saturday Memoria of Our Lady in Christmas

A little Christmas gift …
Before the reform of the liturgy following Vatican 2, Saturday Memorias of the BVM were permitted in the seasons as well as in Ordinary Time. For the universal church the Saturday memoria of Our Lady is now permitted only in Ordinary Time, with two exceptions: shrines of Our Lady (and those on pilgrimage to them) and communities under the patronage of Our Lady.
sevenAs a community of priests dedicated to Mary, Mother of Priests and under her patronage it is clear that this permission would extend to the Sodality. The Servite friars (Order of Servants of Mary) have produced excellent liturgical books which include Masses and texts for the Liturgy of the Hours for Saturday memorias in the seasons.
Some of these are available online:
The Christmas Mass (Our Lady of Cana) is here:
I will try and source the texts for the Office.
The index and some texts for the Mass for the whole Servite Missal is available here.
The Servite Breviary texts here.
The proper texts for the LOTH is occasionally available on Abebooks but I have never seen a Servite Missal there.
The Preface for the Christmas Mass is especially beautiful:
Father all-holy, we do well always
to glorify you and give you thanks
on this celebration of the glorious Virgin Mary.
With loving care for the bridegroom and his bride
she turns to her Son for help
and tells the servants to do what he commands.
Water is changed into wine, the wedding guests rejoice,
as Christ foreshadows the wedding feast
that is his daily gift to his Bride, the Church.
In this great sign the presence of the Messiah is proclaimed,
the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is foretold,
and the hour of salvation is foreshadowed
when Christ will clothe himself with the royal robes of his passion
to shed his blood on the cross for his Bride, the Church.
Through him the angels of heaven offer their prayer of adoration
as they rejoice in your presence for ever.
May our voices be one with theirs …
With prayers for our Sodality and for all our priests in this Christmas season, that in the busy-ness we may each know the outpouring of the Holy Spirit,
Fr Richard

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