Hymn for Blessed Charles de Foucauld

To love as he has loved us
Hymn to celebrate Charles de Foucauld

Some years ago (late 1990’s) in Paris, I picked up a leaflet ‘Bulletin des amities Charles de Foucauld’ which contained a hymn honouring Brother Charles:


I posted this recently on Facebook and Twitter and am immensely grateful to Fr David Emmott for producing this very singable translation. I am particularly pleased that the phrase ‘the lowest place’ is preserved. Bishop John Hind has chosen this as the title for his talks at the Sodality Day on November 30th, 2016, at which we ill remember the centenary of Blessed Charles’ death.

The tune Woodlands (‘Tell out my soul …’ works). I prefer a gentler more chant like melody such as this:


His watchword: ‘Love,’ as God himself loved us!
And love called him to choose the lowest place
A humble servant of his Lord to be,
The poorest brother of the servant Christ.

His watchword: ‘Seek’ – the Spirit’s hidden life!
And love called him to take the unknown path;
To be no other than a traveller
Walking by faith throughout the darkest night.

His watchword: ‘Pray,’ long for the Well-loved One!
And love called him: ‘In greater silence rest,
And silently adore your Saviour Christ
In the great myst’ry of the Eucharist.’

His watchword: ‘Bring’ – to hungry folk Good News!
And love called him to gather words from those
With whom the Word lives even now, and grows
Unheeded, while New Life it germinates.

His watchword: ‘Give’ – his life complete to God!
And love called him to die in sacrifice.
The life that springs so freely from the heart
Set free to live in joy eternally.

Translation/ paraphrase © David Emmott
October 2016




  1. Thank you for the Charles of Jesus hymn. It’s so lovely with the plainchant. You share so many fantastic resources, we are indebted to you for your passion for liturgy!


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