A warm welcome to my new blog. So why the name? … Quodcumque: whatever
Permission, to myself, to blog about anything, ‘whatever’, that interests me in the vast, wonderful, kaleidoscope of life.

Quodcumque: A reminder, although its ubiquity has passed, of my work (for the last 18 years) with teenagers: “Whatever …”; and my continuing work in the endlessly fascinating world of education.

Quodcumque: One of my favourite words in the Latin liturgy (sumpsimus is another). A prompt to improve my Latin and finally get to be fluent enough to read the long readings at the Office of Readings in this language of the Catholic west, of which our Church of England is a fragment.

Quodcumque: A reminder of my vocation in the Sodality of Mary, Mother of Priests to ‘do whatever he (Jesus) tells you’ (Quodcumque dixerit vobis, facite. John 2:5). Because Jesus is the centre, the meaning of my life.

Quodcumque: A reminder of Colossians 3:23, ‘Whatever you do. Do it with your whole heart …’ (quodcumque facitis ex animo operamini …) because life is a gift to be relished.


  1. “Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart” – what an inspirational quote!
    We look forward to welcoming you to Liverpool and supporting your work in a fabulous city with great young people, some of whom live in very challenging communities


    1. Peter, thank you. I moved last week and am loving the city. I feel very privileged to have this opportunity.


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